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2006-01-29RSSNew pet, 10 new images, Raid points, new Sage listing

A new pet has been added, bringing the total count up to 9. This particular pet has been anticipated for quite awhile now by some players...

10 new images have been added.

Raid points are now kept track of. Send all feedback to the Forum sticky. Raid points are essentially a method for keeping track of how well you're doing at Raids, the higher the number, the better. They're also experimental, which means I'll probably still tweak the way they work, and might at some point reset them if I make major changes to the way that they're calculated, such that things can balance out again. The number is currently relative, and there is no maximum (I expect to cap this at a fixed number however, I just haven't yet). There is a theoretical minimum of 0ish, but I don't expect that anyone will get close to it. Right now even those players who haven't elected to participate in Raids will be listed in the Sage's list, this will be fixed very soon, and along with it the oddness of generally not being able to see yourself if you still have exactly 50 Raid points.

Oh, and if it wasn't explicit enough in the previous paragraph, the Sage now divulges information about another subject in the form of a list.

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