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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is this thing?

Game! is a web based RPG largely inspired (in different ways) by Kingdom of Loathing and Diablo 2. If you've ever played either, you should feel right at home in Game!. If you haven't, you probably still will.

2. Why can't you come up with a better name for Game!?

When I started developing Game! I just stuck that there as placeholder, since then I haven't thought of a better name, thus it hasn't changed. Having said that, I somewhat like the name now.

3. Are you ever going to make Game! prettier?

In terms of art, I'd like to have more, but if I did that myself, it certainly wouldn't qualify as "pretty", if anything it would probably make it worse. If you're interested in contributing art I'd be more than happy to have a look at what you can do. Drop me a line in game (name: creative nickname) or otherwise.

Kariloy has been contributing a significant amount of artwork as of late. If she keeps up her current pace, most of the artwork will be done in short order, so you can thank her!

What, it's not pretty enough for you yet?

4. When will (feature) be implemented?

When it's done. If you have a suggestion for a new feature however, I'd be happy to hear it... but that doesn't mean I'll definitely include it.

5. What's this stamina thing? How does it work?

Stamina is a measure of how many things you can do in a day, in particular, how many monsters you can fight. Currently each battle costs you one percentage point of stamina. Your stamina will fill back up to 100% once per day (at midnight eastern time). In the mean time, you can also eat food, which will partially restore your stamina. Note that some food is much more refreshing than other food, but you already knew that.

6. Why have stamina at all, I want to play more!

There are a number of things about the stamina system that I like, particularly that it (mostly) levels the playing field between those who can spend 18 hours a day playing and those who can spend an hour a day playing. Success in Game! is no longer merely a function of how much time you're willing to invest into it, instead it depends on careful planning, strategy and such. Well, not so much at the moment as things are still relatively simple, but that's the eventual plan. On the plus side, implementing stamina has given me a number of ideas for day based content, instead of the world of Game! being essentially stateless.

7. How complete is Game!?

Game! is currently under heavy development, though at any given point it should be quite playable. As of this writing (9/27/08), there are about 46 character levels worth of content. This is still expected to rise, but the current focus is on features.

8. Can I submit art/content/feature ideas/etc?


9. Why is Game! free to play?

Game! is free to play because I like developing it and I like making it available for others to play. It also wouldn't be what it is today without the help of others, many thanks to everyone who has helped along the way, you know who you are.

10. Are you ever going to try and charge money to play Game!?

I have no intention of doing such a thing.

11. Why do you hate left handed people?

I don't really, it's just much more convenient for me to assume that everyone is right handed in terms of the inventory system, plus it doesn't really make a practical difference in the end. Not that I endorse this explanation, but mrLang once said, "In Game!, people that are left-handed have their left hand tied to their chair in grade school to make them use their right hand.".

12. I have questions that haven't been answered already!

If they're regarding gameplay, the Wise Sage in town is known to sometimes give out tidbits of information.

14. What happened to question 13?

What, you feel like you got ripped off or something?

Actually it got left out as I was fiddling with the questions themselves, then it seemed fitting to leave it out afterwards. I'm not particularly superstitious if that's what you were thinking.

15. Why do you keep saying that Internet Explorer doesn't work very well for Game!?

Internet Explorer has extremely poor support of standards such as CSS and these standards are vitally important to designing a good site. Features that can be implemented with one CSS attribute in every browser but Internet Explorer may be difficult or impossible to implement in a simple and portable manner that works in Internet Explorer. I have a very finite amount of time on my hands, and supporting Internet Explorer would take away a great deal of that time which I'd rather spend on more features and content for Game!.

The bottom line is that you should still be able to play Game! in Internet Explorer, but it is to your advantage if you use most any other browser, such as Firefox.

If you're wondering what Game! is supposed to look like you should check the screenshots page, but here's what it looks like in Konqueror, and here's what it looks like in Firefox. Old shots: Konqueror, Firefox. Really old shots: Konqueror, Firefox.

16. Where do I download the client?

You don't. There is no client (or spoon). Game! works entirely through your browser. You only need an account to play.

17. Is there an IRC channel I can lurk on?

Try #game! on Freenode.

18. Mana? What's that?

It's a measure of the strength of your magical powers.