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2010-07-12RSSNew features, art and tweaks!

Based on input from the forums, I've added the option of making your reservation price at the market public. Item reservations were added awhile ago, but the reserve prices you set were not public, meaning people would be able to tell what's in demand, but only be able to guess at the price that people were actually willing to pay. Now, when someone makes a reservation public, that reservation is listed much like an item for sale would be listed, but the difference is you're selling your item to someone else instead of buying the item from someone else. Essentially, this means is that (if there's demand), you can now sell items on the Market just as easily as you can buy them.

I should note that you don't need to make your item reservations public, it'll just increase the chances of you actually receiving the item you've put on reserve (though normally at a higher price). I should also note that unlike private reservations, public reservations expire after 30 days and your gold is returned to you. Chances are if nobody fulfilled your reservation within 30 days, you need to be less cheap, you cheapskate.

As suggested in the forums, I've added a use again link when using items, and I've also tweaked the set viewer to display the required level to wear the entire set.

Surprisingly, this wasn't suggested in the forums, but I've added some colour to the item bonuses, such that the difference (in brackets) is now green or red to highlight whether you'd be gaining or losing by equipping said item. For example, if the new weapon provides 50 attack, and you'd gain 15 extra over your current weapon, you'll now see Attack: 50 (+15) instead of Attack: 50 (+15). While a very small change, it was never suggested and I never thought of it until now. Of course, it's also possible that you simply didn't notice the numbers there, or didn't know what they were for (they are completely unlabeled, after all). In any case, now you know... at least until you forget.

For extra luck, Kariloy and Filipe have also sent in 13 new pieces of art, and these are now in place.

In relatively minor news, there's 29 new random buyers of items when selling from your inventory.

Also in very very minor news, the close button for dialogs is now less ugly and theoretically more accessible.

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