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2009-06-11RSSRSS, what a mess...

Apparently most of you haven't noticed (or cared), but Game! has had an RSS feed of the news for quite awhile. In fact, it's had it for so long that the DTD for the RSS standard it was using (0.91) was removed, which made some clients start exploding. So, I've updated the RSS feed to RSS 2.0, which is six times trendier and otherwise mostly the same, but slightly reduces client explosions. Since I can't tell if nobody cares about the RSS feed or if it's just that nobody notices it's there, I've added a redundant RSS icon in each news update which points to the RSS feed, which complements the standard markup to tell the browser there's an RSS feed for that page. My theory is that people don't notice the latter (Firefox indicates it in the URL bar, for example), as it seems that every other page sprinkles redundant RSS links in the actual page. Beyond that I don't really have any good evidence either way, but we'll see soon enough. In the mean time, you could discuss the matter in the forums, if you were so inclined.

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