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2021-05-03RSSLots more food!

In exciting news for all hungry Game!ers out there, there are now an additional 18 recipes, as well as 17 new items and 2 new combinations. That's a lot!

Also, in somewhat related news, quests have titles now. The main reason is so they can be displayed at the Quest Master a bit more cleanly. This is also handy if you want to refer to a specific quest by name rather than picking something about it.

2021-05-01RSSMassive UI overhaul

Although it will be almost completely invisible if you're using a normal sized screen, the UI has just had a massive overhaul. The overall top and side bars will now behave somewhat better on smaller screens (those under 900px wide). Essentially, the sidebar gets smushed into the top bar, and most of it is hidden by default. You can click anywhere in the top bar to slide out a panel that has everything you would normally be able to always see on a larger screen, but on smaller screens needs to be hidden by default. The discoverability of this panel is very poor and definitely needs improvement somehow, but I haven't figured out a good method yet. So... for now, just make sure that if you haven't already read this news item yet, that you read this news item.

I haven't touched any other UI elements to account for smaller screens yet, and the usability of various screens will vary quite a bit (the Inventory in particular is going to suck), but most aren't extremely horrible. In general, they were designed from the beginning to scale to different widths and font sizes, but the small screened devices common today really push the extremes.

2021-04-24RSSInterface tweaks and gamebox refactoring

I've completely reworked the CSS for the gameboxes (those are the boxes that just about everything in Game! is displayed in). They look very similar to before, but it requires 35 fewer images than before (a 97.2% reduction!) and a mere fraction of the CSS, thanks to CSS linear-gradient() and border-radius mainly (and also being able to delete all of the IE6 and IE7 compatibility cruft). This should speed up page loads a little bit (mainly for the cold cache case) and it also makes them work reasonably fine with multi-line titles instead of blowing up catastrophically like they used to.

The potentially more interesting part for you is that in conjunction with the above refactoring, I've also redone the login/landing page and account creation page to use CSS flexbox. Surprisingly enough, flexbox makes the layout a lot more flexible and in this case, arguably less ugly. Those pages should make better use of the available screen space now.

It is my understanding that some people like to subject themselves to using a browser without a mouse or keyboard on a tiny screen that they carry around with them everywhere. Although I can't say I fully understand this phenomenon, the aforementioned pages should be somewhat more usable for this case now.

2021-04-22RSSMore food!

Due to popular demand, I've added several new food items and recipes. More specifically, there are 10 new items and 11 new recipes. Chefs, warm up your Portable Mini Ovens!

In a bit of related news, this also pushes Game! to over 400 items! Woo!

2021-04-18RSSBigger actions!

This will be immediately obvious, but I've reworked the actions area to feature significantly larger actions (Attack, Run, Back to ___, etc). They are slightly taller, but they're also buttons now that collectively span the full width of the screen, which should make them significantly easier to hit, and it should also improve the consistency of their placement (which was already reasonably good, but more or less worked by accident).

I'm sure that sounds like a pretty trivial change, but it actually involved quite a bit of yak shaving due to a non-trivial amount of hardcoding based on assumptions that the actions area size would never change... Surprise! It did! For example, the way fly out boxes (like when you click on an item) were placed was completely rewritten and significantly simplified. It should behave pretty similarly to the old one, but a number of corner cases are better handled, and hopefully I didn't break anything along the way.

Long story short, enjoy your super sized actions!

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