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2023-10-15RSSMany small improvements

Today brings a number a small improvements, each so small they may not even deserve paragraphs of their own! But hey, why not?

When browsing through your Cookbook, you'll now notice that all ingredients and results are now links to their respective items.

Very similarly, when leafing through your Combinatorial Knowledge, you'll again see that both ingredients and results are now links to their respective items.

Character names in the character selection screen and also in the sidebar now have the title attribute, meaning they will display the whole name on hover. This is mainly of use for those of you who have chosen names longer than can normally fit in those spaces.

In your Campground, you'll see that each of your improvements now reveal how much opulence and power they're giving you.

Much like was already true in the Market, for each item sold in a store (like the Item Shop), you can now hover over it to see how many of that item you currently have.

Finally, when you successfully cook or combine using a previously unknown recipe, the resulting message will specifically note this.

2023-10-10RSSThat's not very magic!

I've just fixed a rather major bug which caused max MP bonuses to not be awarded at level up. In particular, this made Mages much more difficult to play than was intended. The bug was introduced with some refactoring in mid 2021, any level ups that happened between then and late yesterday were affected.

While the bug is now fixed, there is unfortunately no way to determine which previous level ups were affected. As a result, I've simulated the entire sequence of level ups for each character, from level 0 to their current level and if that simulation produces a max MP value higher than what you had before, you now have the higher value, otherwise nothing changes. This should cover all instances of characters hit by the aforementioned bug, and also gave small buffs to many characters that had slightly better luck this time around.

In less dramatic news, the trips at Holiday Island now display their level requirements, although you can still only see trips for which you already meet the requirements.

2021-05-16RSSIntroducing accuracy!

As alluded to recently, accuracy is the direct counterpart to dodge, and it is now live! All players start with 100% accuracy and can modify this both upwards and downwards with a variety of items. Monsters generally have 100% accuracy as well, although there are a few exceptions.

As to how specifically accuracy works, basically your accuracy and the monster's dodge chance get added together and that becomes the effective dodge chance. When monsters are attacking you, a similar process happens, but taking the monster's accuracy and your dodge chance, of course. So, if you have 125% accuracy and the monster has a 20% dodge chance, the effective dodge chance for that attack will be -5%. Similarly, if you have 60% accuracy and the monster has 10% dodge, then the effective dodge chance will be 50%. If your accuracy is high enough, it is possible to never miss now. Additionally, if your accuracy is low enough, it's also now possible to never not miss.

Speaking of items, several existing items have grown new properties, and there are also 5 interesting new weapons.

Finally, as a bonus, I've tweaked the vertical alignment of checkboxes and radio buttons so that they hopefully line up with inline text better. Aligning text and other non-text elements vertically is basically the most difficult problem in web design so I'm sure this will work horribly in some cases, but hopefully it's better overall.

2021-05-10RSSMore observant Wise Sage

The Wise Sage has decided to take note of the most diverse players, which is to say, those that have killed the largest number of distinct monsters. Unfortunately, the Wise Sage's memory isn't what it used to be and only kills starting from early 2009 count towards this. Nevertheless, moving forward he will be more vigilant.

2021-05-09RSSDodging and more!

So, since basically the beginning of Game!, the dodge chance for both monsters and players has been hardcoded to 4%, but today that changes! First of all, players got a slight buff to 5% dodge by default, but so did monsters. The main reason for that is because 5% looks better than 4% in your Profile. Speaking of which, your dodge chance is now visible in your Profile. 16.83% of monsters were rebalanced to have higher dodge chances (some significantly higher) to make things a little more interesting. Don't worry though, methods to counter these overly dodgy monsters are coming soon...

Of course, monsters don't get to have all of the fun. Items and sets can now offer increased dodge chances. Also, in totally unrelated news, there are 4 brand new items out there to find, 2 of the existing sets have been buffed, and 1 of the existing pets has been slightly buffed.

Additionally, the sidebar was slightly reorganized, to combine both Level and EXP into a single item. The raw EXP number is still visible in your Profile should you be curious, but I expect the Level progress bar is sufficiently informative for most cases. The main reason for this is to tidy up the view for smaller screens, as every row can have exactly 3 items now.

Finally, the action buttons and dropdowns (at the bottom of the screen) now become disabled when you execute an action, until the page reloads. Before, if you clicked fast enough, it was possible to end up with multiple requests simultaneously in flight, and that could land you into the next battle without you realizing what happened, as you would only see the results of one of those requests, but they would all happen.

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