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2021-05-09RSSDodging and more!

So, since basically the beginning of Game!, the dodge chance for both monsters and players has been hardcoded to 4%, but today that changes! First of all, players got a slight buff to 5% dodge by default, but so did monsters. The main reason for that is because 5% looks better than 4% in your Profile. Speaking of which, your dodge chance is now visible in your Profile. 16.83% of monsters were rebalanced to have higher dodge chances (some significantly higher) to make things a little more interesting. Don't worry though, methods to counter these overly dodgy monsters are coming soon...

Of course, monsters don't get to have all of the fun. Items and sets can now offer increased dodge chances. Also, in totally unrelated news, there are 4 brand new items out there to find, 2 of the existing sets have been buffed, and 1 of the existing pets has been slightly buffed.

Additionally, the sidebar was slightly reorganized, to combine both Level and EXP into a single item. The raw EXP number is still visible in your Profile should you be curious, but I expect the Level progress bar is sufficiently informative for most cases. The main reason for this is to tidy up the view for smaller screens, as every row can have exactly 3 items now.

Finally, the action buttons and dropdowns (at the bottom of the screen) now become disabled when you execute an action, until the page reloads. Before, if you clicked fast enough, it was possible to end up with multiple requests simultaneously in flight, and that could land you into the next battle without you realizing what happened, as you would only see the results of one of those requests, but they would all happen.

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