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2021-05-16RSSIntroducing accuracy!

As alluded to recently, accuracy is the direct counterpart to dodge, and it is now live! All players start with 100% accuracy and can modify this both upwards and downwards with a variety of items. Monsters generally have 100% accuracy as well, although there are a few exceptions.

As to how specifically accuracy works, basically your accuracy and the monster's dodge chance get added together and that becomes the effective dodge chance. When monsters are attacking you, a similar process happens, but taking the monster's accuracy and your dodge chance, of course. So, if you have 125% accuracy and the monster has a 20% dodge chance, the effective dodge chance for that attack will be -5%. Similarly, if you have 60% accuracy and the monster has 10% dodge, then the effective dodge chance will be 50%. If your accuracy is high enough, it is possible to never miss now. Additionally, if your accuracy is low enough, it's also now possible to never not miss.

Speaking of items, several existing items have grown new properties, and there are also 5 interesting new weapons.

Finally, as a bonus, I've tweaked the vertical alignment of checkboxes and radio buttons so that they hopefully line up with inline text better. Aligning text and other non-text elements vertically is basically the most difficult problem in web design so I'm sure this will work horribly in some cases, but hopefully it's better overall.

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