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2006-04-01RSSMajor gameplay and balance tweaks

Effective immediately, a few major changes will be occuring.

Each individual item can only be found three times per character.

Trades through the swap shop will be limited to a maximum of 2 items and 5000 gold in total.

There will be an additional 25% tax on all trades through the swap shop and market, regardless of whether or not the given item(s) trade.

Monster defenses have been beefed up significantly, and level up bonuses have been reduced by 75% on average.

The stamina cost to adventure in a given area is now proportional to the number of times you have adventured there before. The first visit will still cost 1% stamina as usual, but the second will cost 2%, the second will cost 3% and so on. There is also a similar, exponential, effect on the amount of gold and items monsters in a given area will drop, meaning that for every time you fight a monster, it will give you less gold and items than last time, on average.

Mage spells now all have a fixed cost of 3 MP. Mages are also now limited to 12 MP max, starting with 2 MP at level 0. Mages can no longer wear body armour or helmets, if they want to use magic, as the extra gear interferes with their magic casting ability.

Fighters that use two weapons at the same time now have their defense cut in half.

The amount of experience necessary to advance to the next level has been increased, this starts with level 5.

Due to many complaints about the overuse of the mouse in Game!, the user interface has been refactored such that the mouse is no longer used for such common commands like attack, or sell. Now all you have to do is simply type out their text equivalents in the command box and the action will be executed as before.

Hopefully these changes will bring Game! closer to class balance and harmony.

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