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2005-07-07RSSMisc bugfixes, accessories added, new monsters added, autosell prices adjusted, "message center" implemented

I've fixed a number of bugs, namely the issue with the multi sell popup that didn't work properly if you simply hit enter instead of clicking on "sell", and similarly for the feature to put items on the market, these should both work now by just hitting enter. The other bug involved the level up bonus, characters over level 10 were not getting the correct stat bonuses when leveling up, this has now been fixed, but not applied retroactively. If you have a character above level 10 currently and you would like to have your stats fixed, let me know (they should go up a fair bit).

In other news, the accesory slot that you may have seen appear a day or two ago can now be filled, in that there are actually items for it. I put 2 of them on the market, but you can also find them from monsters.

Speaking of monsters, I've added a few more, have a look in the Spitting Camel Zone, the Dark Forest and the Mystery Zone if you're curious.

The guaranteed selling price of most items has also been drastically reduced. The selling price is based on the buying price, and that was originally set for items based on the idea that you would be able to buy them from the store, but now that you can't, and you find them more often on monsters, I felt that they were inducing a glut of gold into the economy. Thus, the sell prices of items have been reduced. This does not however affect the market prices of items, you can still try to sell them to other players for whatever amount you see fit.

Finally, starting now, messages are kept for a time instead of being immediately deleted. You can see past messages in the "Messages" area beside your Inventory. Player to Player messaging should be coming soon.

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