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2005-08-31RSSMagic available to all *new* Mages only, new holiday spot, character profiles

As of right now, magic is available to any newly created Mage, not already created Mages however (yet). Due to the fact that not all magic is complete yet, newly created Mages will be difficult to play past roughly level 25, the trip to level 25 however is largely complete. When a suitable amount of magic has been added (such that all current Mages can still play after being rerolled), I will reroll all characters (Fighters also as they will, soon, have some way of actually using the MP they currently gain) appropriately.

I've also added a new holiday spot.

Oh, and I've also added a character "profile". You can access it from your top navigation bar. Essentially right now it just lists your skills and spells, I expect to populate it with more things soonish however.

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