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2005-08-27RSSMore work on mages, new area, Tavern fixes

A pile more work has been put into mages, they are nearing (total) implementation very quickly. If all goes well, I hope to have them available to the public within a couple of days. Please note that when this happens, all mages currently out in the wild will be set back to level 0 (but will retain their experience points, inventory, skills, etc.), after which they can very quickly return to their previous levels, but with rerolled stats.

I've also added in another area to appease the higher level players.

The Tavern has also been the subject of a couple fixes. In the past, you would often see someone leave immediately after you joined if there wasn't anybody else in the Tavern at the time, this shouldn't happen any longer. Also, some characters were causing trouble (namely + being turned into space and & terminating the string when they weren't supposed to) and they shouldn't be doing that any longer. Long lines spoken in the Tavern are now broken up so as not to break the layout, long urls will still autolink correctly however (this was far more difficult than I had expected!).

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