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2005-08-24RSSTavern tweaks, code cleanups

A few improvements to the Tavern have been made. Namely there is now the option to turn off the automatic scrolling as more messages come through, but the window title also updates as more messages are seen, thus you can still keep an eye on the Tavern while just having it in another tab or window. Technically the number that gets prepended to the window title is the number of times an update has brought at least one line of new text with it, which (while not exactly the same as) is generally pretty close to the actual number of lines of text, and still serves its purpose well.

I've also done some code cleanups with regards to the battle system. Pets are a little cleaner in the way that they relate to battle, which makes it easier to add more, among other things... The initial framework for magic (in the battle system) has also been laid out. Hopefully as a result you will see mages in a (more) playable state some time soon in the future.

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