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2005-08-09RSSSet viewing improvements, news link in nav bar, minor bugfix with regards to sets

I applied the new item viewing method to sets (only when you're viewing the set from the inventory screen however).

There is now a link to the news page in the nav bar at the top while you are playing so that those of you who aren't using the RSS feed (or wouldn't know how to even if you wanted to) can still see the news with reasonable ease. If you don't want to see the news link, you can turn it off in your preferences.

I also fixed a lingering corner case bug (which I only just noticed, of course) with sets where you would no longer get the set bonus for a set you were actually wearing if you removed another item which was part of an unrelated set. You could work around this by unequipping and reequipping any part of the set you were already fully wearing, however this is no longer necessary.

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