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2021-05-01RSSMassive UI overhaul

Although it will be almost completely invisible if you're using a normal sized screen, the UI has just had a massive overhaul. The overall top and side bars will now behave somewhat better on smaller screens (those under 900px wide). Essentially, the sidebar gets smushed into the top bar, and most of it is hidden by default. You can click anywhere in the top bar to slide out a panel that has everything you would normally be able to always see on a larger screen, but on smaller screens needs to be hidden by default. The discoverability of this panel is very poor and definitely needs improvement somehow, but I haven't figured out a good method yet. So... for now, just make sure that if you haven't already read this news item yet, that you read this news item.

I haven't touched any other UI elements to account for smaller screens yet, and the usability of various screens will vary quite a bit (the Inventory in particular is going to suck), but most aren't extremely horrible. In general, they were designed from the beginning to scale to different widths and font sizes, but the small screened devices common today really push the extremes.

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