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2021-04-18RSSBigger actions!

This will be immediately obvious, but I've reworked the actions area to feature significantly larger actions (Attack, Run, Back to ___, etc). They are slightly taller, but they're also buttons now that collectively span the full width of the screen, which should make them significantly easier to hit, and it should also improve the consistency of their placement (which was already reasonably good, but more or less worked by accident).

I'm sure that sounds like a pretty trivial change, but it actually involved quite a bit of yak shaving due to a non-trivial amount of hardcoding based on assumptions that the actions area size would never change... Surprise! It did! For example, the way fly out boxes (like when you click on an item) were placed was completely rewritten and significantly simplified. It should behave pretty similarly to the old one, but a number of corner cases are better handled, and hopefully I didn't break anything along the way.

Long story short, enjoy your super sized actions!

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