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2005-08-08RSSVastly improved item viewing, more concise market listings

I have greatly improved the viewing of items. Instead of opening in a new window, the item stats are now displayed in a similar manner to the multiple buy and sell dialogs. The main difference compared to the multiple buy/sell dialogs is that the item stats dialogs use AJAX to snag the information, the end result is that both the page and the item stats load fast, but the item stats need not be preloaded upon initial page load. I think this is really slick stuff, and if you're still reading you probably do too. Even if you have no idea what I'm talking about, all of this should become obvious the next time you look at an item's stats. I have not converted this system over to set viewing yet, though I expect to do this soon.

There have also been some subtle changes to the Market. Only the least expensive of each item is shown now (because who would want to pay more if you didn't have to?). This should make shopping a little bit quicker and easier.

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