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2011-06-05RSSItem display updates and assorted tweaks

I've cleaned up the way items display in stores, the Market, your Inventory and Cook pages. Basically, the item text itself will now be red if the item is too high level for you to use/equip/eat, and the specific actions that aren't yet available (because the item is too high level, for example) will now be marked with red instead of the entire line being made red. Actions that are always available (such as cook, sell, and fiddle) will never be red now, as they're always available.

That whole paragraph probably sounds a lot more confusing than it really is, but it should all become clear next time you see an item that's too high level for you.

In other news, I made a small tweak to character profiles such that they also now show how you last died (if applicable).

In other other news, the Market and Swap Shop now have now have "refresh" buttons, so that you don't need to leave and reenter them to update the listing. This will probably be useful in the cases where it's useful, but not in the rest of them.

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