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2010-02-28RSSMajor content update!

Major is actually a little bit of an understatement, but today brings us a wide range of new stuff.

First and foremost, we have two new quests, heavily inspired by technohat's quest idea. While strictly speaking this is not the most difficult quest yet (as new quests frequently are), it does have a twist or two to keep things interesting.

In slightly less questy news, we also have 19 new items, 2 new combinations, 5 new monsters and a slew of new zones. The actual number of new zones varies depending on how you're counting them. More specifically, if you're counting them correctly, you'll find 7 new zones, otherwise you may come up with a different number.

Likely of interest to all Mages is the fact that several of the new items introduced today are Mage oriented weapons. I won't bother explaining in too much detail, as it should be obvious when you stumble upon them.

In completely unrelated news, the Master Pack Rat is also seeking some new items.

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