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2010-02-16RSSTavern via Telepathy updating updates

I've tweaked the way the Tavern via Telepathy (TvT) informs you of things as they're said, particularly when you have it minimized. If you're paying attention, you'll notice that now when somebody says something, it'll highlight the TvT icon in orange as well as periodically show the last message in the titlebar (which is especially useful if you're in another tab).

In a related note, Tavern history is now preserved a little better. In the past it was possible to have messages scroll off without ever seeing them, as if you left the TvT minimized for more than 5 messages and then caused a page refresh, you'd only see the most recent 5 messages when unminimizing the TvT. Now, messages aren't marked read until the TvT is actually unminimized, and consequently you'd still get to see every message in the previously mentioned situation.

In light of the fact that most people normally have the TvT minimized (which is not what I had expected), this should make the TvT quite a bit nicer to use.

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