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2009-12-23RSSNew quest, new items, new areas, new combinations!

First and foremost, today brings us a new quest. Now, this quest is noteworthy in two distinct ways. The first point of distinction is that today's new quest is the highest level quest thus far, while the other point of distinction I will refrain from hinting on, but it should become obvious towards the end of your newfound journey. The third point of distinction in the increasingly inaccurate list of two is that today's quest is also the most expansive quest yet, at least in terms of the number of areas directly involved.

In collusion with today's new quest, we also have eight new items, six new combinations, eleven new areas and nine new monsters.

Oh, and if you do that whole Christmas thing, consider this an early Christmas present. If not, consider this a belated... whatever you last celebrated present.

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