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2005-08-03RSSMixed up all the zone positions just to confuse everyone... not really

I threw all of the zones in a blender and mixed them around for a bit, then poured them back out again, so if you're wondering why all of the zones moved, that's why. Well, not really. I added explict positioning for each zone instead of just letting them fill out awkwardly. Of course this means that it's not immediately obvious which area is the highest level, so I added the level suggestions to each, but I'm probably going to modify this a little bit yet. On the up side, this means that zones won't jump around anymore (besides the total chaos today) as you gain access to more of them, and areas such as the Large Crater make more sense with regards to positioning. Finally, this is probably a necessary step before putting in art for the overworld map, not that that's coming up any time soon (that I'm aware of...).

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