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2009-09-19RSSNew food, combinations and sweet sweet revenge

As I mentioned before, campground raids were still subject to changes, and today brings a small but significant tweak. With the previously introduced raiding rules, it was possible for attackers to chew through all your raids or all of their raids and then prevent you from retaliating. Well, that's no longer the case, as of right now, revenge does not cost a raid for either the attacker or the defender. Thus, if you're attacked 5 times at the stroke of midnight by one person, you now have all day to unleash your rage upon them (up to 5 times), even if neither of you have any actual raids left — revenge is special that way. To look at it another way, when you're raided, it costs both the attacker and the defender one raid, consider the raid it cost the defender reserved for the rest of the day... you're guaranteed the chance to get your revenge, although you need not exercise it if you don't want to. Just play around with it and you'll probably figure it out in less time than it took you to read this paragraph.

Even if you're more of a pack rat than a raider, there's still quite a number of new items and knowledge for you to collect today. Less vaguely, there's 13 new items, 9 new recipes and 4 new combinations.

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