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2009-09-05RSSCampground changes

I've just made a few fairly major changes to the way raids work, if that's your sort of thing you'll probably want to keep reading. Not that you wouldn't want to continue reading normally, of course.

First of all, a new stat, Rage, has been added. Rage isn't a lot like the other new stat (Bravery), in fact it's completely different in that it only impacts the campground, and consequently that's also the only place it's visible. You may have noticed that when other people raid you successfully that you get angry at them, well, now Game! notices that too, and adds to your rage stat accordingly. Well, that's nice, but what does Rage do for you? When you have Rage towards another player your campground power is increased when attacking them or defending against them, with more Rage leading to more power, of course. On the flip side, your Rage towards a player will melt away quite quickly should you raid them successfully, because it feels good to win and all. Additionally, because memory fades over time, so does Rage. Use it or lose it.

So, is that all? Well, no, there's quite a bit more yet. The next thing that comes to mind is that now if you conduct a raid on someone and fail by a relatively large margin, there's a chance that you may drop one of the items you have equipped. Also, before you go ahead and unequip all of your items before raiding people, the items you have equipped now contribute to your campground's power, which they did not do before.

Finally, the number of raids you get per day has changed. Basically, the number you get per day has increased, as the formula to determine the number you get has changed slightly.

Finally finally, (and this is a big one, maybe I should have put it first) raiding now costs a raid for both the attacker and the defender instead of just the attacker, and you cannot raid someone who has no raids left for the day.

I think this addresses a number of issues people had with raiding, do you? Why not discuss it in the forums!

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