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2009-07-27RSSNew quest, new items, new monsters, new pet, and more!

First and foremost, you'll likely be pleased to know that I've added another quest. It's probably the most challenging quest yet, so make sure you're prepared before you embark on it, unless you're already way above level 22, in which case you'll find it's not as challenging as it would be at level 22.

Along with the new quest comes 6 new items, a new pet, 2-4 new zones (depending on how you're counting them), and 5 new monsters. A new stat, bravery, has also been introduced. To start, everyone has a bravery of 0, but should you find a way to increase your bravery, you'll be able to adventure in more dangerous places earlier, as if you were higher level than you actually are.

Additionally, pets that help you run away now actually help you run away instead of only pretending to do so. The timestamps in the tavern are now presented in a nicer fashion, and the timestamps no longer rely on your local clock as much, which should solve some of the oddness some people without perfectly synced clocks were seeing.

In other news, when adventuring at Holiday Island, you'll now get the option to directly take the same trip again that you just took, instead of having to go back to Holiday Island and then select that specific trip again.

Finally, at the Quest Master, if you've already fulfilled the requirements for a quest but not actually seen the quest description yet, you'll now see the quest description on the first visit without completing the quest, then on the second visit you'll actually complete the quest.

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