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2009-06-28RSSPlayer profiles, class portraits and more, oh my!

I've added player profiles, which are slightly similar to the existing Profile page you have, except that they're for other players, and they show a slightly different set of information. So, anywhere you see player names, you can now click them and see that player's profile.

Filipe has sent in eight new class portraits (four for each class), as you increase in level you'll notice that your class portrait changes. While this serves little purpose aside from looking cool, it does look cool.

AtomicSnarl has also sent in 3 new monster images which are now up.

Your Inventory page should now render quite a bit faster, however this'll probably only be noticeable if you have an especially large number of items (or a very slow computer).

Finally, a few corner cases with dialogs have been fixed. For example, if you're viewing the description for a set and you click on one of the set members, it now opens in a new dialog within the same page instead of opening a new page (like it did before).

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