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2009-05-29RSSEmail alerts!

Based on popular demand, Game! can now send you email alerts! Basically, this means that when you receive messages in Game!, they can also simultaneously be sent to your email address. Nobody likes spam, so this feature is off by default, but you can enable or disable it in your player preferences on a per message type (Campground Raids, Player messages, Swap Shop, and Market) and per player basis. Also, messages are now generated when someone makes an offer on something you have up at the Swap Shop, as well as when they rescind an offer on something of yours.

Email alerts are batched up every 5 minutes, so if somebody buys 100 items from you at the Market in quick succession, you won't get 100 emails, just one (with all of the messages in it). In an unexpected twist, if there's no new messages, no email will be sent.

In semi-related news, you can now update your password and email address via your player preferences. It's worth noting that these are still per account and not per player, I just didn't want to clutter up the character selection screen.

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