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2009-05-17RSSMany Tavern updates

Today we've got a slew of updates to the Tavern (and Tavern via telepathy), which I'll discuss briefly here.

Most notably, messages about people joining and leaving the Tavern now disappear after 2 minutes as they're mostly just noise at that point, and they tend to drown out most actual conversation.

Also noteworthy is that there's now a user list at the side of the Tavern so you can see who's in the Tavern without doing a /who. The new user list can be hidden with the cryptically named "Show user list?" checkbox directly below (and slightly to the left of) the user list, at least in the Tavern via telepathy. I didn't bother adding that option for the actual Tavern, as there's really no need (there's tons of space there, whereas via telepathy is a fairly tight squeeze).

Finally, now when you mouse over something that's been said in the Tavern you'll also see when it was said, which could be useful.

So, feel free to chat it up with fellow Game!ers and try out the new Tavern features!

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