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2009-04-01RSSGame! to be third expansion pack for World of Warcraft

I'm pleased to announce that, after extensive negotiations, Blizzard Entertainment has announced definitive plans to acquire Game! for use as the third expansion pack in its smash hit MMORPG World of Warcraft. President and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment Michael Morhaime was quoted as saying, "It was really a no brainer for us. We just found Game! yesterday, and the potential was immediately obvious to us." When prompted on what caused the outsourcing of WoW development, he continued, "We were running out of ideas, and nobody really uses Windows anymore, so we've been left out in the cold without a native Linux client. Game! solves both of those problems for us. Besides, what else are we going to do with the billions and billions of dollars we have sitting around?"

A playable demo will be available at E3 in June, with final release expected in Q4 2009.

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