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2009-03-28RSSMajor interface updates

In a similar fashion to the already existing item groups in your inventory, most every box is now collapsible, at least where it makes sense.

Due to popular demand, it's now possible to delete single messages. You've always been able to delete all messages in one click, but apparently that's not quite fine enough granularity for many people.

The "Offer an item" and "Reserve an item" dialogs at the Market have been moved up a bit, to make it easier to reach them, particularly when you're repeatedly putting items up or repeatedly reserving items.

It was also pointed out that when you have enough gold that the display in the sidebar gets abbreviated, it's impossible to tell exactly how much gold you have. Given that it took this long for anyone (including me) to notice, it's probably not a very big deal, but you can now see the exact amount of gold you have right below your EXP in your Profile.

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