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2009-03-15RSSLots of new stuff

Lots is probably a little bit of an understatement, but today's update is mostly a collection of smaller changes.

The two most obvious changes are that monsters now have a variety of resistances and vulnerabilities against different attacks. For example, a Red Dragon takes less damage from fire than it does from cold. For magic, this was around for awhile, although due to a recently introduced bug it was inactive (meaning monsters had no special vulnerabilities or resists), but the bug has now been squashed. For physical attacks, this is largely a new feature (it was active briefly quite awhile ago, but I disabled it shortly after due to balance issues). In both cases, if you're stumped about a monster's resistances and vulnerabilities, perhaps you should consult with one of your more investigative pets. In conjunction with these newish features, item descriptions now display the damage type that the item in question inflicts (as well as the item type, which is more or less completely unrelated to the rest of this paragraph).

Due to another small (recently introduced) bug, the HP remaining estimation wasn't working quite correctly, this should be fixed now.

In a small but welcome feature improvement, item descriptions are now available directly from battle when the item drops, which should be quite a bit more convenient than having to make a trip to your Inventory to see the item's description.

Last but not least, Kariloy has provided us with 2 new images. Enjoy!

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