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2009-02-14RSSTons of new features!

Of this batch of new features, probably the most requested is that of Inventory sorting. If that previous sentence didn't make it obvious enough, it's now possible to sort your inventory by something other than the default (of price).

Another thing which will likely result in much rejoicing is the fact that cooking and combining have been revised. (No, they haven't been changed back to the way they used to be.) That is, it's no longer possible to waste items, per se, if you make an unlucky guess, as you always get something in return now. In some cases, the items you get back aren't available in any other manner, so true pack rats will want to get busy. As a minor subnote to this note, there are also 3 new items.

Higher level fighters will also be happy to read that it's now possible to multicast spells from the Profile page. Not only can you multicast, but if necessary you'll automagically visit the Healer in between castings in a multicast. Decidedly convenient.

Healer prices have been tweaked slightly, of which you probably won't notice even now that I've told you.

Finally, the item descriptions are now more descriptive. In addition to the usual boilerplate, you can also see the current quantity you have for that item, the number of reservations currently placed on that item in the Market, as well as the current lowest price for that item at the Market, along with a link to buy it from the Market (if it's in stock).

In other news, you can now collapse Combinatorial Knowledge, much like most of the rest of your Inventory.

In other other news, there is no other other news.

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