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2005-07-31RSSMajor changes! New interface, new message alert functionality, new art and quests have been implemented

There's been a ton of changes to Game! today. If I miss some of them, I'm going to have to blame blood sucking aliens for that.

The first thing you will probably notice is that the interface has undergone a relatively major change. Because of the desire to keep the "action" buttons (for battle) in the same spot at all times and at the same time, somehow fit in larger monster images, I've made some changes. The top, left and bottom "areas" of text now stick to a particular window position, much like the background does now, the main content area still scrolls like normal. No, none of this involves frames either. If you're still using Internet Explorer for some reason, you'll probably still see the old layout as Internet Explorer does not support the necessary CSS attributes. I highly recommend you upgrade to Firefox if you're still using Internet Explorer. If you're not using Firefox or Internet Explorer, don't fret, just about every browser except Internet Explorer seems to work with the new changes.

Quests have been added! There's only one right now, but like everything else, expect more to be added soon.

As a result of the new interface, when you receive a message or messages, they will cover up some or all of the main content. However, you can also now hide this alert so that you can see the content like normal again. Hopefully this will make it more difficult to accidentally miss a message.

Finally, more art has been added. Many thanks go to Kariloy again for the new art.

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