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2008-11-30RSSMassive Market updates!

I've made a slew of changes in and around the Market which I'm sure you'll enjoy.

First and foremost, you can now multiput items onto the Market through your inventory, much like you can multisell items. In a related note, you can now define a default markup policy (to increase by a percentage, or add a fixed amount of gold (the default policy is +50 gold, to cover the stocking fee, as it always has been, presumably you'll want to change that)) for items you sell on the Market.

Also worth mentioning is the addition of the Financial Advisor, who can be found at the Bank in Town. The Financial Advisor is where you can set the default Market markup policy, as well as ask a number of questions about how your Market sales are doing and to provide insight into your own Market purchases. If you haven't bought or sold anything on the Market in the last few weeks... well there's no time like the present!

Finally, now when you put an item on the Market (not multiput), you have the choice of remembering the price you set for that item. This remembered price works almost exactly like the default markup policy, except that it only applies to that one item, and it overrides your default policy. You can see and forget your remembered per item prices at the Financial Advisor.

So, when you multiput items onto the Market through your inventory, for each of the items you put up, if you have a remembered price for that item, it'll be used, otherwise the default markup policy will apply. Furthermore, you can see what price will actually apply when viewing an item's details. The prepopulated price when selling on the Market directly (the old way) will also reflect the price that you've set out for that item as described earlier in this paragraph.

Perhaps sometime in the future, if the economy can stop simultaneously imploding, exploding and committing Seppuku, the Bank will also be able to start offering loans.

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