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2005-07-01RSSInitial announcement

Right, so because I should probably make note of at least most of the major changes to Game!, I'm going to do that here. As an added bonus (punishment?), you also get to see them.

Since this is the first news bit, the changes include... everything. Next up on the agenda is the implementing of items that aren't equipment as well as a trading/public market system where you can trade with other players. I'm also toying with the idea of adding a fixed number of "turns" that you can play on any given (real life) day, the main reason behind this even the playfield between those who have virtually unlimited time to play and those who do not. I also feel it's a good idea in that it forces those who want to be competitive to balance the risk/reward ratio of the higher level areas rather than just being able to sit around in the Spring Hill Zone 24/7. Those who don't care about being competitive just end up having to pace themselves.

More on the trading system... I think an Ebay like system would be great, but in the end I think I'll do something simpler, where there is no bidding, just explicit price setting by the seller and instant buying.

I'd also like to put in a "sell all", or "sell x of item" for the inventory screen so that selling off your 48 daggers isn't quite as tedious, I'm just thinking over what would be the slickest way to do this in terms of user interface now.

Oh, and finally, if you made a character previous to today, I'd suggest that you create a new one. I did a major overhaul in terms of balance of items, monsters and levelling. If you played before, you should find the new system to ramp up much more smoothly and there is no "invisible wall" somewhere around level 11 any longer.

Ok, so not quite finally. I've added a relatively large number of areas that one can adventure in, as usual, these will be uncovered gradually as you gain in level.

Ok, I think that's enough talking for now.

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