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2023-10-10RSSThat's not very magic!

I've just fixed a rather major bug which caused max MP bonuses to not be awarded at level up. In particular, this made Mages much more difficult to play than was intended. The bug was introduced with some refactoring in mid 2021, any level ups that happened between then and late yesterday were affected.

While the bug is now fixed, there is unfortunately no way to determine which previous level ups were affected. As a result, I've simulated the entire sequence of level ups for each character, from level 0 to their current level and if that simulation produces a max MP value higher than what you had before, you now have the higher value, otherwise nothing changes. This should cover all instances of characters hit by the aforementioned bug, and also gave small buffs to many characters that had slightly better luck this time around.

In less dramatic news, the trips at Holiday Island now display their level requirements, although you can still only see trips for which you already meet the requirements.

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