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2021-04-11RSSNew quest and items!

I've added a new lower level quest to smooth out the quest progression a bit, as the level gap between quests there was pretty large in comparison to the rest. In conjunction with the new quest there's also 9 new items and 4 new combinations. Happy hunting!

2021-04-10RSSAnother pet!

After a brief slumber, we're back with a new pet and also a new item to go along with it. Of course this means that not all items have art anymore, but that's a fixable problem, just as soon as someone artistically inclined has the right kind of itch...

2016-08-01RSSHTTPS enabled

Since SSL certificates are free these days (in this particular case, courtesy of Let's Encrypt), I've gone ahead and enabled HTTPS support, go ahead and try it out. You probably won't notice much difference aside from the padlock in the URL bar.

I believe I've worked out all the kinks, but for now the plain HTTP access works like it did before. Most likely I will redirect plain HTTP to HTTPS in the relatively near future. Let me know if you run into any issues in the mean time.

2014-02-08RSSNew art!

Kariloy has come through again and finished off the last four items that were missing images. Huzzah!

2012-07-10RSSLost art

In what somehow ended up being the first update in nearly a year, we have some new (old) art. These guys got lost somewhere between me and the pad of paper they were drawn on, only to reach their final destination now. Anyways, without further ado, I present you with two new item images.

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