[FIXED] Nice and nifty bug (or something similar)

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[FIXED] Nice and nifty bug (or something similar)

Post by null »

# Nifty, you know 0 of the 68 item combinations.
# Nice, you already know 0 of the 67 cooking recipes.

Not sure how nice and nifty this is.
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Post by kariloy »

Sure it is, it's a very nifty nice mockery of your combining and cooking skills. Although when you know 0 cooking recipes, there should be a further comment. "Who are you? Borf?" :D

P.S. - I'm being mean, Borf can make toast... and a sandwich or two... maybe :roll:
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Post by Mad Merlin »

I adjusted the wording to reflect the distinct lack of niceness and niftiness in this case.
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