"Unnamed" so unreachable character

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"Unnamed" so unreachable character

Post by Wayne-O »

Number 7 on the "Top characters" list shows as:

7 , Level 50 Fighter 95,928,720,938 EXP

The person creating this may have specified the name using a non displaying character (which is amusing and creative) but it renders them unreachable and unexaminable because no link will show for their name.
Perhaps the link to a character can include the space after the name so a clickable link will show for non displaying names.
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Post by Mad Merlin »

It was once possible to select a name that had only spaces in it, which is how that character name came to be. I've since fixed that bug, and it is no longer possible to select names containing only spaces.

While I was tempted to rename the character at the time, I allowed them to keep it, even if only because it is equally difficult for them to select the character at the character selection screen, as it is for others to select it.

It is possible to select them though, tabbing through links is probably the easiest approach.
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