Custom Fighter Interface

My Fighter can beat up your Fighter!
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Custom Fighter Interface

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Here is my custom html for playing a Fighter. You will need to use a text editor to search and replace "PlayerNum" with your actual player number.
You will probably want to search and replace "=51" with "=ZoneYouAreIn", and maybe the text where it says "Zone!"

You will need a browser that will let you open a link in a window. I have been using Google Chrome because even though the link will open in a tab, you can drag the tab to your desktop and it will turn into a window that still functions as the named window(In Windows XP anyways). I usually have my links up in a small window on the left of my main Game! window at normal size.

You can do all your leveling up and spell-casting with Tab, Shift+Tab, and Enter. You WILL HAVE TO watch the fights because clicking Attack will put you into a fight or take another turn no matter what else is going on. Trying to Heal while fighting will cause you to try to run. This will take some getting used to.

<a href="" target="gamewindow">Heal</a><br><br>
<a href="" target="gamewindow">Attack</a><br><br>

<a href="" target="gamewindow">War Cry</a><br><br>
<a href="" target="gamewindow">Murderous Rage</a><br><br>
<a href="" target="gamewindow">Improved Double Swing ( 60 MP)<br><br>
<a href="" target="gamewindow">Twirling Swing ( 35 MP)<br><br>
<a href="" target="gamewindow">Spinning Swing ( 28 MP)<br><br>
<a href="" target="gamewindow">Jumping Swing ( 17 MP)<br><br>
<a href="" target="gamewindow">Gruntier Swing ( 9 MP)<br><br>
<a href="" target="gamewindow">Double Swing ( 5 MP)<br><br>
<a href="" target="gamewindow">Grunty Swing ( 2 MP)<br><br>
<a href="" target="gamewindow">Zone!</a><br><br>

<a href="" target="gamewindow">Nectar of Life</a>
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