What's your favorite linux?

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linspire ftw \o/

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Looks like I need to play more with my Knoppix disc.
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I like that purple one... pwetty :D
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/me an Ubuntu user.

2 years ago I was distro-hopping and on Ubuntu stuff just worked so I still use it.
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Post by Birnie »

Mad Merlin wrote: Konqueror is pretty lightweight, though. Much much lighter weight than Firefox, at least.
No kidding, Firefox sits around 200-300 megs for me, since I tend to just use tabs as bookmarks. :lol:

As for Linux, I have a Ubuntu partition, but I couldn't get my wifi working under it (Atheros chipset). It's an old release though, I'll probably try 8.10 soon.
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Win7 :roll:
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PootiPuerk&AsSeenOnTV wrote:Win7 :roll:
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