something that'd be nice

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something that'd be nice

Post by xoyv »

a warning message for item combinations/cooking.

"you feel that if you were to combine theis items, you wouldn't be able to use them in your current state. are you sure you want to go through with this?"

basicly, if you want to combine 2 items that would creat something you are too low leveled to use, a warning pops up. cuz yesterday i kind of derped, and used my only flail to make a titanium one, which i'm too low leveled to use. :oops:
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Post by Mad Merlin »

I can see how this would be beneficial, however, I think it goes with the territory that anything you cook/combine with, you might lose.

Luckily, Flails aren't too hard to come by, in fact, there's one on sale at the Market right now.
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