level & possible quest: underworld

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level & possible quest: underworld

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I think Game! needs an underworld and possibly a quest that comes along. Here's my ideas, loosely based on dante's divine comedy:

an area called theater.
on entering, you notice a sign saying that "the divine comedy" is currently being played at a certain hour each day. in the theater, there are several areas: the green room (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_Room, posible enemies: wigs, chairs), fly loft (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fly_system, possible enemies: sandbags, dummies, curtains), trap room (possible enemies: prompter, bunch of cables), opera pit (possible enemies: various instruments), and most importantly: "the divine comedy"

this area can only be entered at the (randomly chosen) time slot. if the player is not around at that time, an error message comes up saying that you should come back when the play is on.

at the correct time:
you encounter a hooded figure looking much like a ferryman. you have to pay him to get in. perfect use for antique currency. once paid, he takes you across. (=reference to river styx). once across, you'll instantly have to fight a hard boss: the cerberus (cf. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cerberus). once that's done new areas open up:

- inferno
- purgatory
- paradise

all these you can only enter with a certain pet. calling that pet virgil would be too obvious, so let's go with "antique action figure". of course, that figure needs to be acquired before (maybe: only drops in missing child zone, but only if player over a certain lvl -> you have to come back). in combat, that pet could kick enemies with dactyls to show it's a poet.

no idea yet on what to fight in the rings of hell or paradise, any ideas welcome.
also: would the quest master need anything from the inner rings of hell or paradise? maybe a white rose?
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