Uniquely Named Enemies

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Uniquely Named Enemies

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When you encounter a uniquely named enemy (such as the ones in the Scary Circus), it refers to them as "The <name>", for example:
You cast Regular Life Drain...
You hit the Damascus the Bear and caused 74 damage!
You stole 9 HP!
The Damascus the Bear is a little beat up.
Damascus the Bear roars and swipes at you with a paw...
You were hit for 19 damage!

Should this be amended to not include the "the" in the title? It's inconsistent sometimes, because neither the attack it uses nor the header on the page have it.
"You are fighting Damascus the Bear!"
"Damascus the Bear roars and swipes at you with a paw..."

<i>Edit: Apologies, I didn't see the other topic about this in the forum. Feel free to lock/delete this.</i>
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