Fan art welcomed!

Art of fans and art from fans, it all goes here.
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Fan art welcomed!

Post by kariloy »

Hello my little humans =)

As the "art" *cough* director of game! I encourage any and everyone of you that enjoy game! to produce your own artwork either you think it's good or not, we don't care anything will be welcomed, if it can be game! related and of course except all those sort of "don't try to be an asshole wiseguy" kind of stuff!

Anyway... you never know If anything caughts the eye of the inner circle of deving.. you might be yourself recruited to do some of the game! 's art!

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~Kariloy, the Alien
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some art

Post by benpaulthurston »

I posted some new drawings at:
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Post by Mad Merlin »

Looks good.
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