List of items / monsters without pictures

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List of items / monsters without pictures

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Topic says it all...

Such a list would help potential artists to see what is missing and how much has to be done.
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There is one already, but it's extra spoily and secret. You can message me or Kariloy, or drop by IRC (, #game!) if you want some suggestions.
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Very yes, Kariloy in its functions as the game! gArt director can hear your pleas and direct you on how you can contribute with art for game! :D Kariloy is easier to find at IRC.. even if it is idling and/or away Kariloy checks the messages later, and if contact is left, Kariloy replies.

P.S. - Kariloy is typing weird and on the 3rd person today for no particular reason, you may disregard and completely ignore this fact, since kariloy is usually just weird in completely different ways, maybe... :D
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