pseudo-metropolis quest: schrodinger's cat from pseudo-robot

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pseudo-metropolis quest: schrodinger's cat from pseudo-robot

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(note: my initial idea was to use pseudo-metropolis for a new enemy that alludes to the movie. developed into a quest after thinking about it):

pseudo-robot looks like this: ... _cover.jpg

could pseudo-attack through swinging Schr?dinger's cat at you and semi-die when killed.

would fit nicely to pseudo-metropolis but not to any current zone in there yet.

solution: quest "bring the quest master schrodinger's cat". the quest master's cat died recently and because he's so sad about it he wants you to get him an extravagant replacement. when the cat is handed over in a box and the quest master opens the box, the cat dies. And/or not. either way, he's happy and hands over some exp points/gold/item. (idea: you can always fight pseudo-robot and kill her, but the cat can only be caught when having acquired a cardboard box before. otherwise, the cat would simply vanish. cardboard box may be handy for other combinations with things I haven't thought about yet. but how about: use as pet as an atypical, rectangular/box-shaped ghost (combine with bedsheet), use as headgear- and/or bodygear (increases chance of enemies missing because you hide in and look like an innocent cardboard box), combine with ox hair to get a poor man's shepherd dog, put on campground as hobo home)).

pseudo-robot is an extra hard boss with her own level in pseudo-metropolis. the level could be the chinese room:

if minions needed before getting to boss: how about
- russels tea pot (,
- occam's razor (could cut the player with simple explanations, cf.
- buridan's ass ( could nicely die from indecision.
- a brain in a vat:
- Zeno's tortoise:

cheers, jspad.
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